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This Is How I Got a Free Fees MasterCard in Germany With 5000€

gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany

A full guide in English about The Free Fees Gold Master Card from Advanzia Bank or as we call it in Germany Gebührenfrei MasterCard. Also, we will explain step by step how to apply to the Gold MasterCard for free according to 2019 updates. And if you apply through TOP-10.ONLINE, you will get a bonus of 40 Euros!


What’s Advanzia Bank?Advanzia Bank gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany

Advanzia Bank S. A was founded in Luxembourg in 2005. The bank offers its services in many European countries such as Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France and Spain. The Bank is the source of the Gold MasterCard (Gebührenfrei MasterCard) the free fees credit card in Germany and Luxembourg. You could easily get a Gold MasterCard free of charge directly from Advanzia Bank’s website.


What is the Gold Gebührenfrei MasterCard?
gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany apply to application

The GOLD Gebührenfrei (Free Fees) MasterCard is a MasterCard of the type credit card. It is issued by Advanzia Bank and has a golden color, that’s why it called the MasterCard Gold. It is the best MasterCard in Germany and the easiest one to apply. You get the card through a simple online application. The Gebührenfrei Mastercard comes with a balance of up to 5000 euros, plus 25 or 40 euros as a gift for new customers.


What are the benefits and advantages of the Gold MasterCard?

The MasterCard has many advantages and benefits, especially for those who live in Germany. Some of these features are:

  • Credit up to 5000 Euros
  • Loan up to 7 weeks without interest
  • Fully Free Fees Card, no monthly fees, no annual fees!
  • Free withdraw money from any ATM in the world with a MasterCard logo
  • Shopping and purchasing using the card in more than 33 million stores and companies in the world
  • Very safe in shopping Online
  • You can terminate the contract at any time without giving any reason
  • Get a new card free of charge if you lose your old one
  • 24-hour customer support


How does the Gebührenfrei MasterCard work?

At the beginning of each month (first 7 days) and starting from the second month in which you get and activate your Mastercard, you will receive an email from the bank containing an invoice or statement of account for the card. It shows your total balance, the amount that you have used during the last month and the remaining amount.

The invoice also includes the amount that you should pay back before a certain date.
Normally, you must refund the amount you received from the card before 20 next month (the exact date you find in the invoice).
For example, if you borrow 400 euros on 04.05.2019, then you should refund them in full payment or by installments before 20.06.2019 (the photo below backs to Sep. 2018)

gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany


How much does a Gebührenfrei MasterCard cost?

You could obtain a MasterCard absolutely for free. That means you do not have to pay any amount to get it. Getting the card and all later purchases, transactions and payments are completely free of charge.


What are the conditions for obtaining a Gold MasterCard in Germany?

Getting a Mastercard from Advanzia Bank is very easy and does not require any special conditions. You could obtain a MasterCard regardless of your nationality or your employment status (even if you are unemployed). In order to be able to apply to the MasterCard Gold you have to be:

  • 18 years old or older
  • Resident in Germany


What documents are required to obtain the Gold MasterCard?

The bank may ask you to provide them with some documents by e-mail. These documents are:

  • A copy of your residence/passport
  • Confirmation of address (Meldebestätigun)

If you follow the instructions in this guide literally, you will receive the card without providing any documents.


How to apply to the Gebührenfrei Mastercard in English (update 2019)

Here we will explain step by step with the photos how to register for the Gold MasterCard in Germany and how to get a bonus of 40 Euro. (Approval is 100% guaranteed, just follow the explanation)

  1. Click on the following link: Register at the Gold MasterCard Germany (opens in a new tap)
    takes you directly to the application in German. Fill the information out as shown below.
    gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germanyIt
  2. Choose the title, Herr/Frau means Mr/Mrs
  • Vorname: First Name
  • Nachame: Last Name
  • Nationalität: Nationality
  • PLZ: ZIP Code
  • Ort: City
  • Straße: Street
  • Nr. : House Nr
  • Telefon Mobil: Cell Phone/Mobile
  • Geburtsdatum: Date of Birth
  • Gebortsort: Place of Birth
  • Wohnsitz: Just leave it „Deutschland“
  • Your Email address
  • Click on the orange button: „Ja, Ich will“

3. Do NOT enter any information in the next page, just click the button indicated below!
gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany

4. A confirmation page will appear with all the data you entered
gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany

5. That’s it! you have simply applied to the Gold MasterCard (Gebührenfrei Gold) and within a few days, you will receive your card.


Apply to the Gebührenfrei Gold Mastercard NOW


How to get the bonus?

You get a 40€ gift with your MasterCard if you apply before 30.09.2019. You must use the card at least once within 14 days of receiving it. If you submit an application through this link, you will need no promotional code. That means you will get the 40€ automatically.


How to activate the MasterCard?

After applying to Master Card, you will receive the card after several days along with a request to activate the card.
Sign the form and cut it as shown in the picture and send it by mail for free.

Activation gebührenfrei english free mastercard gold germany


How to refound/ pay back the money to MasterCard?

If you ask yourself, how do I refund the amount which I borrowed from the Card, the answer is as the following:
In the same e-mail address that we talked about in advance, you will receive card statement, as well as bank information, which you should use to transfer. These infos are:

This Is How I Got a Free Fees MasterCard in Germany With 5000€

  • Kreditinstitut: Recipient’s name (Advanzia Bank S.A.)
  • IBAN
  • BIC
  • Verwendungszweck: This is the most important piece of information that you should carefully enter. Here enter your 16-digit MasterCard number (otherwise the transaction will not be considered).

– Make sure that the data entered is correct and that it matches the data that you received in the email.
– Make a transaction before two or three days, because bank transfers usually take 1 – 3 business days.
– Return the full amount to avoid interest.


What to do if a Gold Master Card is stolen or lost?

In case of losing the card, you must call customer service immediately. They provide a free 24/7 Hot Line.
From the German fixed line: 08008801120
From mobiles or from outside Germany: 0049034521973030
– Contact the bank directly when the card is lost, and it will cancel it immediately.
– You will get a new card free of charge within a few days.


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36 Kommentare

    • Ahmad Mostafa

      Hi Faloma,
      In general, MasterCard Gold is valid everywhere in the world where you see MasterCard sign. Some countries are excluded, like Syria, Yemen, Iran, Somalia, .. except that is accepted worldwide.
      Thanks for visiting and good luck!

    • Ahmad Mostafa

      Hi Eric,
      You should receive the invoice per email between the 1st and 7th business day of the next month of MasterCard activation. If you didn’t, double check your data and ensure you provided the right email. Call the bank for assistance!
      Thanks for visiting and good luck!

  1. Patrick

    Hello what about if I use my online bank account to pay back without writing my account number in the area specified?

    • Ahmad Mostafa

      Hi Patrick,
      Even if you make a transfer using online banking, you have the ability to add a reference (your MasterCard number), and you SHOULD. Otherwise, the amount won’t be added to your balance.
      Top-10 online Team

    • Ahmad Mostafa

      Hi Bill,
      The maximum credit is 5000 Euro and there is no minimum. However, it’s usually between 500 and 2000.

  2. modou jammeh

    Hello, I already received my master card. And I signed the paper and send it by post but still now I don’t received my pin yet…thank you

    • Ahmad Mostafa

      Hi Modou,
      It’s take some time to get your PIN. If you still have no PIN, call the bank. However, you can use your MasterCard immediately after being activated without PIN (for shopping online or purchasing less than 50 EUR).

      • Vasile Ștefania laura

        Hallo,ich habe die carte vor 3 wochen gemacht und die Anstecknadel ist mir auch jetzt noch nicht gekommen.wie soll ich vorgehen? Ich habe den umschlag bei der post eingereicht und die Ansteckandel nicht erhalten. mein name ist vasile Ștefania laura danke sie

      • Ahmad Mostafa

        Hallo Vasile,

        In diesem Fall, rufen Sie bitte den MasterCard Gold Kundenservice unter 08008801120 an!

        Top-10 online Team

    • Ahmad

      Just sign the upper section of the picture that you see in „How to activate the MasterCard?“ paragraph and send it back per post (free of charge) to the bank.
      But as I understood, you already have the PIN. That means it should be already activated! If not, just do what I said and wait for the actuation. it takes 3-5 days!

    • Ahmad

      Hi Syed!
      You can pay back by making a bank transfer as explained in the article!
      Wish you all the best,
      TOP 10 ONLINE Team

  3. Sandra

    I applied for the MasterCard before but I made a mistake so they do not send it so I apply again today So I’m waiting

    • Ahmad

      Hi Sandra,
      The most important information is your name, birth of date and address. If you entered wrong data, Just call the bank and ask for correction. As an alternative, is to apply again with the correct information.
      Wish you all the best, and thanks for visiting TOP 10 ONLINE

  4. Kwesi Blay

    Hey, I have one question.if I want to borrow 5000euro , how may month do you give to payback or installment payment every monthly

    • Ahmad

      Hi Kwesei,
      It’s possible to pay installments, the minimum payment should be 10% or at least 30€, detailed and updated information you find it on the website of Advanzia Bank.
      Best wishes from team!

    • Sharmarke

      I’m a new customer of gehbunfrei I did my first transaction of 500 euro so ist possible for me to pay installment of 250 within 2 month period if so please let me know or if possible its possible to pay back in installment

      • Ahmad

        Hi Sharmarke,
        Yes, you have the possibility to pay back in installment. Also you can pay over several months with minimum of 30 Euros each payment. But note, if pay in installment, you should take rates in account.
        Good luck and thanks for visiting!

  5. Erhanyi Benjamin Saturday

    Hello, i don’t have the money to pay in full what’s the interest rate?
    Because i want to be paying 50 every month

  6. Nouman Ahmad

    Hello, i have a question, what if we buy something which cost me around 500 euro and till nxt 20 date, i send them 30 euro to them then it will also include interest?? In that case, i need to pay extra money???

    • Ahmad

      Hi Nouman!
      Yes, if you didn’t pay off the full amount, you’re going to pay interest. That means EXTRA money!
      Best regards from TOP-10.ONLINE

      • Kroos

        Hi I have requested for the Gold Master card and I have received it after two weeks and I have signed the form and send it back but still I don’t receive any activation code and is almost 4 months now.

      • Ahmad

        Hi Kroos,
        NO activation code is needed. It takes about 3 business days after sending the activation form to be handled. Once your card is activated, you will get an email. From this moment your card is ready to use. PIN code is needed only for withdrawing from ATMs. If you think you have a real problem, contact Advanzia Bank!
        Good luck and thanks for visiting!

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