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ExtremeRebate – Do You Really Get Stuff from Amazon for Free?

How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

Amazon itself does not give any products away and prevents sellers doing that. Amazon also doesn’t pay for reviews and fights fake reviews. However, there are many legitimate ways to get discounted products and free stuff on Amazon through amazon giveaway, rebate, topcashback, product testing and amazon promo code websites. However, best way to get free stuff on Amazon is ExtremeRebate.

What Is ExtremeRebate?

ExtremeRebate: Best Way To Get Free Stuff on Amazon

ExtremeRebate is a rebate portal with up to 100% discount and cash back on great products. Just save with Extreme Rebate and get Amazon promo code, deals and huge rewards.  ExtremeRebate website is well organized, fast & easy to explore and contains great deals on hundreds of new products added daily.

How Does ExtremeRebate Work?

ExtremeRebate platform gives you up to 100% cash back when you buy products on amazon. In return, sellers expect to receive a positive review from you. Moreover, some sellers pay an extra bonus (+2,5 USD) if you write a 5-star review with 60 words or more. It is available only in the USA, The UK, Canada, Germany and France. So if you live in one of these countries your chances to get free amazon products are very high. ExtremeRebate works based on Tiers & Limits system and has two ways to choose from: Either Rebate Model, or the Amazon Voucher Model. We will talk about it in detail in the next lines. But maybe you should register on ExtremeRebate first.

Registration For ExtremeRebate Account

In order to get free stuff from amazon through ExtremeRebate, you need first to sign-up for a new extreme rebate account. It’s super easy and you can sign up for a new account in a minute. During the registration process, you will be asked to provide your amazon profile. This step will let sellers give free products to best buyers from their perspective. „Best buyers“ basically means buyers who usually leave positive reviews for products they buy on amazon.

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ExtremeRebate Rebate Model: Get Free Products By Cashback

How To Get Free Stuff on Amazon

Request the rebate for up to 100% cash back and get the cashback after the purchase on your PayPal account.
1. Register for a new ExtremeRebate account
2. Request freebies and discounted Amazon products you like and wait for seller’s approval
3. Purchase the products that are approved on Amazon (through an email you get)
4. Submit your Amazon order ID on ExtremeRebate in 48 hours
5. Once your order get confirmed, you will get cash back for the product(s) on your PayPal within 48 hours

ExtremeRebate Voucher Model: Get Free Products By Amazon Promo Code

If the seller has set voucher code for the items, you can select the voucher model. To get free products by Voucher:
1. Request for the freebies and discounted Amazon products you like.
2. You will get an Amazon promo code in 48 hours.
3. Purchase the products with the Amazon coupon code and get super discount.

One thing to note is seller’s replacement covers neither shipping charges (if any) nor PayPal fees.
How much does PayPal charge on receiving cashback? Actually there is a transaction fee. It depends basically on the country and currency. PayPal fees are calculated as the following:
– In the USA: a fee of 2.9% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee based on the currency.
– Outside the USA: a fee of 4.4% of the transaction amount plus a fixed fee based on the currency.

How Many Products Can I Get For Free On ExtremeRebate?

As we already mentioned, extreme rebate has tiers and limits. ExtremeRebate has five Tiers based on your review rate of the most recent month.  ExtremeRebate tiers are: Starter, Intermediate, Enhanced, Advanced and Ultimate. Buyer’s level will be updated in real-time, so your level may always change. The higher your level, the higher the chances of winning a approval.
As a new member,  you have an upper limit to 5 approved requests in total. Remember to write reviews or feedbacks for the previously rebated orders. After submitting one review or 3 feedbacks (counted as 1 review) on ExtremeRebate, your limit will be released.

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Extremerebate Alternatives

There are many rebate websites like Rebatekey, Mr Rebates & topcashback, but all of them pay maximum 8% cashback, while Extreme Rebate pays up to 100% cash back. As well as not all those portals support amazon.
For these reasons, ExtremeRebate  is a great way to save money and the best rebate portal!

How To Find Your Amazon Profile URL

1. Log into your Amazon account and click the „Your Account“
2. Scroll down until you see the „Ordering and shopping preferences“ sub section.
3. Click on „Profile“ and copy the link (URL) from your internet browser.
Also you need to have a PayPal account to get cash back on it.

Tips & Tricks

  • Only apply for products that suit you and really want to have.
  • It’s very important to leave a positive review.
    Be patient, seller’s reply or confirmation could take up to 48 hours.
  • If you had a problem, contact the costumer service: They are very helpful!.
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