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Salary Comparison – Salaries in Germany 2020

Salary Comparison – Do you earn enough?

We will give you the answer! Our free and scientifically substantiated salary calculator gives you salary comparison and helps you with the most diverse salary issues and life situations:

  • How much do other people earn in your position?
  • How much can you ask for in your next salary negotiation?
  • What salary can you indicate in your application?
  • What do you earn in the new place when you move?

Find out in 3-5 minutes what you can earn. Just select a suitable comparison. It’s free and anonymously!

Salary Comparison
The amount of income depends on many factors. In a salary comparison many factors have to be considered. Who does not, compares apples with pears. Because the differences between different activities and even within a profession can be enormous and therefore the merit. In order to ensure that our salary-check only compares salaries that are comparable, we collect some information in our questionnaire that classifies the occupation specified.

Various factors influence the salary level

Salaries in Germany 2020 salary comparison

Important influencing factors are:

  • Industry Field:
    industries such as the automotive industry, in the pharmaceutical or chemical industry much better paid than in tourism or in the catering trade.
  • Size of employer:
    In most cases, salaries in large corporations are well above those of small companies.
  • Region of the employer:
    From a regional point of view, it is generally better to earn in the west than in the east, in the south better than in the north and in the city better than in the countryside.
  • Personal Qualification:
    Time and money invested in one’s own education are usually reflected in income. For example, the salary of an employee with a master’s degree is usually higher than that of a bachelor’s graduate. Even in the non-academic field, each further education not only increases one’s own qualification, but potentially also the merit.
  • Work experience:
    Work experience also plays a crucial role. Because experience comes only with time – and is usually financially rewarded.
  • Responsibility:
    Regardless of whether it is personnel responsibility, budget responsibility or even responsibility for sales – the saying „a lot helps a lot“ applies here. Because more responsibility usually leads to a higher salary.
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